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Glass Balustrades

Beautifully finished, our glass balustrades are ideal if you require a cost effective and attractive way of presenting a professional image to your customers.

Expertly installed by our highly skilled and experienced team, our glass balustrades are perfect for offices and large commercial buildings and can be used as balconies, terraces, landings and staircases.

Designed to complement your property’s existing features, our glass balustrades are available in a modern, frameless design and feature long lasting and low maintenance stainless steel handrails.

Impress your clients

While incredibly functional and effective, our glass balustrades also add a touch of elegance and beauty to your commercial property. As appearance is incredibly important in today’s society, we are confident that your customers and employees will not fail to be impressed by your new installation.

The main advantage of our glass balustrades is that they are completely adaptable and come as part of a bespoke and specialist service. After completing a survey of your property and the proposed location for the balustrade, one of our experienced and specialist designers will listen to your requirements and provide you with a detailed design drawing of how your new balustrade will look.

Bespoke design

Although our designers always provide a drawing that matches your requirements perfectly, we appreciate that you may have different ideas.

We are happy to take these on board but always provide honest and impartial advice as to the most suitable balustrade for your property.

Our glass balustrades can also be used in residential and public buildings, so we welcome enquiries from architects, local authorities and homeowners that are looking for a cost effective and attractive way of improving the look and feel of their property.